Petersons Predator Stealth Oval Paint Brush 6 Pack

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  • Paint brushes with oval profiles carry more paint than paint brushes with traditional shape profiles
  • Premium tapered synthetic filaments deliver a controlled, gradual release of paint for a superb finish and neat lines
  • The size assortment caters for most needs from covering large areas, to detail and trim work
  • This pack includes a 2”/50mm size angle sash stubby handle paint brush which is ideal for use in awkward areas
  • Made with rust-resistant steel ferrules, wooden handles from well-managed forests, and fine tapered synthetic filaments
  • For use with water or solvent based paints
  • Vapour box compatible
  • Contains 2 x 1.5”, 2 x 2”, 1 x 3” and 1 x 2” stubby