About Us


Petersons has long been established in the painting and decorating market, offering a concise range of decorating tools and equipment that meets all the basic requirements of a decorator, under one brand. Our aim is to offer quality, well designed products at attractive prices and to keep the range sufficiently compact so that all products can be classified as relevant to the decorator and enable them to easily identify which product is applicable to their requirement. Along with this, we constantly innovate and develop new products which ensures that we maintain our position at the cutting edge of the market.

Our stringent quality control processes ensure that our product quality is maintained at the highest standards and enables each product to carry our seal of guaranteed satisfaction.

Our branding categorises the product range into five distinct areas by consumer type.

Above all, Petersons are confident to say that all their products are for painting perfection and are guaranteed to provide 100% satisfaction!



Petersons is a brand from Decor Ireland Ltd.

Decor Ireland Ltd is a customer-focused sales and marketing company, which operates throughout Ireland and the UK.

Company Number: NI607376

VAT number: GB256 0232 86